It’s finally done! Our webpage has gone full blown international. No more Norwegian, no more talking about fjords, lapskaus or krepsehaler! Hopefully this will grant us more attention overseas and lots of $$$ and a lifetime of living the good life!


Time for some news! Since last update we’ve had two videos staff picked by Vimeo! Hell yeah! “Sister Hell” is still doing its thing on festivals, even though it’s available online in its entirety. Yes, it’s that good! Next week it will screen during The Norwegian Film Festival in Grimstad. We are, of course, set on winning the main prize and thus be on our way to qualify for an Oscar nomination!

Anyways, our collaboration with Gofilm continues. We recently got development funds from Filmkraft Rogaland, this time to our first documentary project entitled “Kodenavn: Nagasaki”. More news to follow shortly!