Vi har gleden av å annonsere at kortfilmen “Angst, Piss & Drid” skal ha sin nett-premiere hos Fearnet.com i starten av Februar. Da kan hvem som helst, i alle aldre, se filmen i sin helhet! Her vil du ha mulighet til å gi filmen poeng, samt dele den videre med alle venner og kolleger! Og ikke minst familie!


“… this movie, shot for $5000 dollars in the small Norwegian city of Stavanger has the gloss and sheen of a big budget feature, or at the very least, a classy Scandinavian Noir show. There are elements of intense stylization which serve to enhance the visceral and chilling onscreen instances. The end result is Blue Valentine by way of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and Nekromantik.”
- Zombiehamster.com

“… ANGST, PISS, AND SHIT initiates a lonely, uncompromising, and sadistic feeling into the audience that is affective and absurdly mesmerizing.”

“When you get down to the nitty gritty, ANGST, PISS & DRID is quite a slickly made short film that will appeal to the horror arthouse types, and although it has its brutal, bloodthirsty moments that will make you sit up and go WTF!, it does have its quieter sections, and believe it or not, laugh out loud scenes amidst the disturbing imagery.”
- HorrorCultFilms.co.uk

“Look, we all have relationship issues, even two serial killers. The movie deals with such a unique scenario. I ended up liking this short because of the unique way that it portrayed a couple going through the motions with the woman growing increasingly resentful of the man.”
- WDYMS.com

“… a very promising short. Hana displays a strong grasp of the technical and artistic variables required to translate his ideas to the screen.”
- ReflectOnFilm.co.uk

“A fantastic slice of cinema from Norway, Angst Piss and Drid is directed by Fredrick Hana and is a black comedy that explores the twisted love between two psychopaths. Beautifully shot (despite what horrors are shown on screen) the short was very entertaining and nicely composed thanks to Christer Runde’s stunning cinematography.”
- MarvelGuy.co.uk