It took too many days, blood, sweat and tears for the BLÆST gang to drag this soggy fat humpback whale of a music video to shore. Kvelertaks first music video was a tough one, with a bunch of extras, a truckload of equipment, stunts and effects. Eventually the soggy fat humpback whale not only pulled up to shore, but it was executed, cut into small pieces and minced into tasty meat. Bon Appetite!

Fredrik S. Hana Director/Writer/Editor
Marius Lunde Producer
Christer B. Runde Cinematographer
Kyrre H. Larsen 1st Assistant Director/Colorist
Andreas Bru Eide Camera Assistant
Karl Andre Bru Gaffer
Jacob Dieset Lighting Assistant
Kamil Grzybowski Lighting Assistant
Ines Veronica Ertvaag Chitussi Set Decorator
Jan Erik Hagevold Add. Sound Design
Sham Jaff Makeup FX
Knut Joner Actor
Yrja Oftedahl Lothe Actor
Andreas Køhn Actor
Stig Olsen Actor
Maria Madland Production Assistant
Stian Dale Production Assistant
Heidi Strand Production Assistant

Made with support from Filmkraft Rogaland.