A bouquet of unique images, scenes, characters from the same mysterious film universe. Our mission was to make a video with zero repetition and extreme energy. No story – only hell.

Fredrik S. Hana Director/Writer/Editor/Producer
Christer B. Runde Cinematographer
Karl Andre Bru Gaffer
Kyrre H. Larsen Colorist
Michael Wallin Actor
Tomas Alf Larsen Actor
Silje Salomonsen Actor
Sophie Berntsen Actor
Marius K. Lunde Actor
Dan Skjæveland Actor
Oliver Hohlbrugger Actor
Thomas Skjørestad Actor
Sivert Hana Actor
Stina Dolmen Actor
Cathrine Sætre Actor
Maja Baaserud SActor
Eva Ragnhild Tysse Actor
Bjarne Hognestad Actor
Sondre 'Mossige' Forsell Actor
Daniel Kristensen Production Assistant

Made with support from Filmkraft Rogaland.