ANGST, PISS & DRID is a black comedy about complicated love among serial killers. Kjetil and Wenche were once a perfect match when they shared a fascination for madness and mass murder. Now the relationship is drawing it’s last breath. They do not talk together. They no longer kill together. Kjetil must decide if his relationship with Wenche is worth salvaging or if she should fall victim to the meat axe.


Fredrik S. Hana Director/Writer/Editor/Producer
Christer B. Runde Cinematographer
Karl Andre Bru Gaffer
Jan Erik Hagevold Sound Recordist & Designer
Marius K. Lunde Makeup FX
Arthur Berning Actor
Maja Baaserud Actor
Eline Fahret Born Actor
Dan Skjæveland Actor
Helene Bergsholm Actor
Anders Hana Original Soundtrack
Torjus Erfjord Animation
Bjørn Phillip Curtis Production Assistant
Steinar Kittilsen Production Assistant

Made with support from Filmkraft Rogaland.